Making Classic Yachts "New" Again

Shannon's "Virtually New" Program

What makes a yacht new?


Based on historic facts, a quality built fiberglass hull and deck will be strong and seaworthy for 75 years, probably much longer.  It is only cosmetic gel coat that separates a newly molded Shannon (or other quality built boat such as Hinckley, Alden, etc.) and an older vessel.  So, it is items like a new rig design, sails, rigging, roller furling gear, winches, electronics, autopilot and windless on deck along with engine and transmission, generator pumps, plumbing, electric lighting, toilets, faucets and other equipment that separate new boat from a pre-owned boat. Shannon Boat Company's "Virtually New Program" takes your hull, deck and interior and builds the boat to the smallest detail to create a vessel that is "Brand New" by every definition of the word for a fraction of the cost. A two year new warranty and a "new vessel" survey certificate are included. Completed project

Now available for restoration:

Classic Fiberglass Yacht 1984 Shannon 51>


A perfectly restored classic yacht is truly a sight to behold, with gleaming brightwork and fair topsides, transporting the observer back to another time and place when quality craftsmanship and attention to detail was expected and high building standards were not compromised. Now with materials and labor costs sky rocketing, the preservation of these classic yachts is expensive and maintenance costs are overwhelming, even for the very wealthy.  Because of this, fewer and fewer wood boats are afloat today. The price of these rare treasures has plummeted in the last decade and the boats are left to deteriorate until restoration becomes prohibitively expensive, if not impossible. Shannon's wood boat restoration division is dedicated to saving wood classics, using a new innovative method engineered by Walt Schulz.

Now available for restoration:

45' William Hand Motorsailer

Walt Schulz at the wheel of the schooner "Defiance" after her restoration